Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an entrance exam?
No. Lowther Hall has an open entrance policy. Places are offered first to siblings of students already enrolled at the school. Daughters and granddaughters of past students also receive priority, as do girls who are members of an Anglican parish (a letter confirming this is required from the parish vicar or secretary). At Kindergarten level enrolment preference will be given to those students who expect to continue at the School during primary and secondary years. Priority is otherwise in chronological order of application to the School.

2. What scholarships are available?
Academic, Vocal and Music Scholarships are offered at Lowther Hall; the examinations are normally held in February or March of each year prior to the year of proposed entry. Academic Scholarships are offered for entry into Year 7. Scholarships cover fees to the end of VCE studies. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of examination results, an interview, previous school reports and in the case of Vocal and Music scholarships, an audition. All other expenses, except the tuition fee remission, are chargeable. Scholarships must be accepted to the completion of Year 12 and are conditional upon satisfactory progress being maintained.

3. What are the main intake years?
Kindergarten, Preparatory, Year 7 and Year 11. Places at non-intake levels are filled as soon as vacancies arise.

4. What additional charges are there?
Additional costs are: school uniform, books and other equipment, the notebook computer, individual private music tuition, out of school hours care and activities which are optional such as overseas exchanges, Saturday sport and formals.

5. Is there before and after school care?
Yes. Both are provided within the School Campus.

6. What sports are the girls able to play?
There are 19 different sports available. Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) provides our main sporting competition and other sports are provided through organisations such as Rowing Victoria and the Snowsports Development Foundation Australia – Interschools Competition.

7. Do you have school camps?
Yes. There is a camp each year from Year 3 to Year 12. The venue for each camp is specifically chosen to provide the facilities which will enable us to achieve the aims of that particular camp. The Year 12 camp, which is a retreat, enables the girls to reflect on their school experience and prepare for entry into tertiary education and the adult world and is held at a retreat centre.

8. Is there a waiting list?
Yes. Please contact the Director of Admissions for further information.

Schedule of Fees and Charges 2014

Government Grants
Fees shown in the attached schedule are net of Australian and State Government Grants.

Composite Fee
The School attempts to cover all costs associated with the compulsory curriculum within the composite levy. The composite fee is charged at all levels and covers the cost of items including:

  • materials, requisites and associated lesson costs pertaining to compulsory subjects
  • compulsory camps excursions and incursions, transport costs, swimming, ID cards, padlock (Year 7 students), Student Planner
  • the Year 9 fee includes the cost of a subsidised field trip
  • Information Technology costs such as internet access and a printing / photocopy allowances
  • the Year 12 fee includes life membership of the Old Grammarians’ Association

It does not include the cost of school photographs, optional excursions or camps. Materials associated with elective subjects, some sports and extracurricular activities may attract a separate charge.

Application Fee
A non refundable application fee of $100.00 (includes GST) per girl is payable on application for admission to the School.

Enrolment Fee
A non refundable enrolment fee of $150.00 is payable per student on acceptance of a place.

Entrance Fee
An entrance fee is payable per family on acceptance of a place. This may be paid either as a refundable deposit of $1,000.00 which is repaid to the family when leaving the School; or alternatively as a donation of $750.00 to the Earlsbrae Building Fund which is tax deductable in the year of payment (but not refundable on leaving the School).

School Building Fund (Tax Deductable) - $630.00
This is a voluntary contribution per family for the year. The School’s development plans rely on this contribution being paid.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available in speech, drama and music. Separate terms and conditions apply to these lessons and are available on request.

Terms of Payment


  • ANNUAL: Full year’s fees paid in February with 2.5% discount on net tuition
  • MONTHLY: 10 instalments, commencing 15 February
    only available by direct debit via one nominated bank account or credit card
    • Instalment 1 - Payable on due date 5 March 2014
    • Instalment 2 - Payable on due date 5 June 2014
    • Instalment 3 - Payable on due date 5 September 2014

Other Discounts

  • A ten percent [10%] reduction on the net tuition fees applies for second and subsequent sisters attending the school concurrently and is applied to the younger student fees
  • Scholarships awarded to students and any other discount applies only to the tuition fee component

Acceptable Payment Methods

  • BPay facility
  • EFTPOS facility including credit cards: MasterCard and Visa
  • Cheque or Cash

Please note only one of the above mentioned payment options can be nominated and is to be selected prior to the first fee payment becoming due and payable. A 1% surcharge applies for the use of any credit card.

In the event of an unsuccessful direct debit from a nominated bank or credit card account, the Business Office will contact you to arrange an alternative payment.

A fee of $10 (including GST) will be applied to each failed direct debit attempt.

If fees are not paid by the due date, a default fee of $50.00 will be charged. A further default fee of $50.00 will apply for each additional 30 days thereafter until all outstanding fees and default charges have been paid.

Additional charges such as private music or drama are charged on accounts subsequent to the first account of the year.

Notice of Withdrawal
Two terms’ notice in writing must be given when a student is removed from the school, or two terms’ fees are payable in lieu.

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