Employment Opportunities

Lowther Hall recruits new members of staff as required. We advertise positions here on our website, as well as on www.seek.com.au and/or in The Age.

Current Positions Available

Information Fluency and Research Educator

Education Resources Manager

School Chaplain and Religious Studies Teacher

Kindergarten to Year 6 

Classroom Teachers

Years 5 & 6 Coordinator

Years 2 – 6 English Coordinator

Reading and Literature Specialist

Kindergarten Assistant

Integration Aide

Years 7 to 12 

Chemistry Teacher

Dance, Drama and VET Dance Teacher

Mathematics Teacher

Physics and Specialist Mathematics Teacher

Integration Aide

Reading Specialist and Teacher of English

 Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

Rowing Coach

Lowther Hall Qualities

A positive workplace enables our staff to create the best possible learning environment for our students. In order to maintain our strong and successful staff culture, we developed a list of qualities we look for when we recruit new staff:

Qualities of a Lowther Hall Teacher

Qualities of a Lowther Hall Support Staff Member