The annual Academic Awards Ceremony was held on Friday 13 February to celebrate the VCE results of 2014. Awards for Study Scores over 40 and ATAR Scores over 95, as well as awards for outstanding achievement in Literature, Science, Chemistry and Art were presented to students from the Class of 2014, as well as current Year 12 students (who completed their Unit 3 & 4 VCE subject in Year 11).

Old Grammarian, and Lowther Clarke Scholar of 1997 Mrs Kate Jones visited Lowther Hall as special guest speaker at the Academic Awards Ceremony. Mrs Jones currently works for Channel Seven News as their chief court reporter. She encouraged students to aim towards finishing each school year with the knowledge and confidence that they have tried their absolute academic best.

Lowther Clarke Scholar for 2014 Greer Sutherland also addressed the assembly with her reflections on her final school year, and a message of encouragement and inspiration to the current Year 12 class.

Another special assembly was also held on Friday. The Junior School Assembly of Dedication was held to induct our current Year 6 girls as leaders of Junior School. We wish them well for the important year ahead.