Japanese exchange students from our partner school 'Shin-Ai Girls’ High School' in Osaka, Japan have spent two weeks with us. Read below as members of our School Community reflect on their involvement in the hosting experience.

"Hosting Yui, a student from our sister school Osaka Shin-Ai, has been a delightful experience for our family. From the very first day we showed Yui everything that Melbourne has to offer, from the newly built Emporium to the iconic Luna Park. Every day was a new adventure and every night meant a new movie! However, it wasn’t all city expeditions and shopping sprees! It was also a great learning experience. My family learnt about Japanese culture and Yui and I taught each other many words from our respective languages. I taught her the word ‘field trip’ (kengaku) and she taught me ‘ochazuke’ (a rice tea meal from Japan). My favourite day was our last Saturday together because Yui cooked some Japanese cuisine for us! To return the favour, we introduced her to fish and chips! Overall, the exchange has been a fantastic two weeks and we were very sad to see Yui go. My friendship with Yui is one that I know I will hold dear in my heart for many years to come."

Audrey Di Martino, Year 10

"It really was an amazing opportunity to have hosted a Japanese exchange student. We had so much fun with Rie, showing her the Australian way of life and having her teach us about Japanese culture.

Rie and I  learnt new vocabulary from each other everyday. We have visited many Melbourne icons, including Luna Park and St Kilda beach during her time with us. It was like having a sister for two weeks and it was hard to see Rie go."

Sarah Trezise, Year 7

"I would just like to say that having Rie stay with us has been the most wonderful experience.  She has been a breath of fresh air in our home and an absolute delight.  I would love the opportunity to pass on to her parents what a lovely, well rounded, well mannered, considerate and polite girl they are raising.   

Sarah and Rie seemed to form a special bond almost immediately and watching them communicate in both English and Japanese (and some charades) was lovely.  They helped each other with their homework.  The taught each other new words.  They discussed their cultures.  The highlight each evening was listening to them talk and giggle before they fell asleep.  

We managed to cram quite a few adventures into Rie's short stay along with some special times at home with family.  She embraced every experience with intrigue and eagerness.  Our home will no doubt feel empty for some time now that Rie has left and we were very sad to see her go. 

Thank you to Lowther Hall for this amazing experience which we will never forget.  And thank you to Rie. It was an honour to take care of such a beautiful young woman.  I hope she achieves all of her goals and that all of her dreams come true."

Kerry Trezise, Year 7 Host Parent