The first Lowther Hall Junior School Science Fair was held on Friday 22 May! The Fair was opened by a former Lowther Hall student, Ms Antonia Policheni, who is a PhD candidate and cancer researcher.  

Ms Policheni told the girls about her work as a researcher, including her experiences in the lab and her collaboration with other researchers internationally.  

Almost 70 projects were entered in the Science Fair in a wide range of categories, including experimental research, games, posters, videos, photography and working models. Each Junior School class visited the Fair throughout the day and were amazed by the wonderful work their peers had submitted.    

The Science Fair aimed to promote and celebrate interest in science, and inspire our students by this display of ‘science in action’. The projects were judged and the successful participants have been invited to enter their projects in the Science Talent Search, an annual competition for Victorian primary school students.   

Congratulations to all students who took part in the Science Fair this year! 

(You can find a gallery of Junior School Science Fair projects here).