It has been wonderful hosting students from our sister school, La Malgrange College in France. Please read some of their reflections about their visit to us and Australia.     

“For us, French students, Australia is like a dream. A very very far country where only a few people has luck to go. Thanks Lowther Hall, we can realise this dream and discover Oz country. We were lucky to discover Sydney, which is a pleasant city, we were excited to see the Opera House, which is kind of the symbol of Australia. Then, we visited Melbourne, a very different city and we enjoyed it. We walked through lots of attractive places like Eureka Sky Deck, Botanical garden, etc. One of the best moments of the two weeks was the great ocean road, where we admired a wonderful landscape composed of waves and cliff, and where we met a lot of locals, Australian animals. Finally, we falled in love for Lowther Hall School, which is very modern, beautiful, pleasant to work in. The full immersion in an Australian family is the best way to discover customs, places, and Australian daily life. Moreover, full immersion had permitted us to improve our level of English and our understanding. Of course, we were a bit anxious before going as we didn’t know who would be our host families. We wanted to advice all the students to take all the opportunities to travel. Even if you are not fluent, and even if you don’t know a lot about the country you would be going to, be brave and travel In fact, an exchange is the best way to improve you’re level. It can only makes you richer. We wanted to thank our host families, we couldn’t have expected a better welcoming. Thanks to all the Lowther Hall teacher for their welcoming and thanks to our host teacher.”   

Lou Deon     

 “To begin with, we would like to talk about this amazing exchange. Before arriving there, we were a bit stressed and anxious to live in a new family, to change our habits. Everyone could be afraid to live something new and for the first time. Yet, it’s a really rewarding experience. In fact, we have met awesome people, discovered a new culture with differents values. We also have visited fabulous places as Melbourne city, the great ocean road, Sydney. Moreover, we have lived australian’s daily life in each family which made our trip fantastic. Go abroad for a long time could scare you, but actually, it makes you grow up, see people and the world in a different way, and also improve your language. To finish, on behalf of all the French students, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our teachers, all Lowther Hall teachers and students, our host sisters and their family for everything they have made during these two last weeks. We all had a perfect trip and we couldn’t have expected more.”     

Mélinda Marlard and Sarah-Lou Klein