Year 11 student Maddison was featured recently in the Moonee Valley Leader Newspaper in recognition of her achievement in becoming the Women's Under 18 Australian Champion in the 800m and 1500m track events.

The double gold medallist competed in sweltering heat at the Australian Junior Athletics Championships in Perth to secure the 800m title in a time of 2 minutes 11 seconds, and the 1500m title in a time of 4 minutes 31 seconds. 

The Lowther Hall Sport and Physical Education department has worked extensively with Maddison throughout her time at the School to further develop her skill and strength in the sport. Training weekly with the Lowther Track and Field Team supplements her club training sessions with Essendon Athletics, which she attends daily. 

Maddison told the newspaper:

"I try to build (my confidence) up so I don't get nervous as much... I always say that i'm really strong and I'm fast and I tell myself that I'm going to be the winner. But I only (do it) about a week or two out. I don't do it during the season because I'd be a pretty unbearable person to be around."

Maddison hopes to one day run in the green and gold. "I love the sport and that's why I keep doing it, but you do want to aspire to higher levels".

Maddison is also this week's Moonee Valley Leader Junior Sports Star nominee!

Congratulations, Maddison, on your exceptional achievements!