Each year, Year 9 students travel to either Vietnam or Central Australia as part of their Humanities and Personal and Social Development tuition. The aim of these field trips is for students to immerse themselves in a different culture in order to understand better their classroom learning.

As part of the Vietnam field trip, students visit the ‘Lifestart Foundation’, a charitable organisation run by former Lowther Hall parent Mrs Karen Leonard. Lifestart provides those with disabilities and impoverished backgrounds the opportunity for vocational training to enable sustainable careers.

In the past, our Year 9 girls visiting Vietnam have helped raised enough money for two Lifestart dependants to receive scholarships for their schooling. This year, Lifestart asked our Year 9 girls if they might be able to help raise enough money to purchase motorised bicycles to help these two scholarship recipients travel the long distance to their new schools. Renee Mansour and Maddison Maisano immediately took up the challenge. They worked hard and sought the help of their year level and other senior students. Within two weeks the money was raised.

Mrs Karen Leonard was able to purchase the bikes on our girls’ behalf and had them ready for Renee and Maddison to present to the two scholarship recipients at a lunch in Hoi An. The recipients were overwhelmed with the gifts, and incredibly appreciative in what was a very emotional occasion for all involved.

We commend Renee and Maddison on their wonderful efforts and hard work in helping those less fortunate; a true example of our School motto Non Nobis Solum (Not for Ourselves Alone).