The 2015 VCE results for Lowther Hall are outstanding and a cause for much celebration with 51% of graded assessments being an A or an A+! The class of 2015 embraced every aspect of School life with energy and vigour and we are proud of each student and all she has achieved during her journey. The 2015 Lowther Clarke Scholar (Dux), Leta Elias, has received an ATAR of 99.9 and classmates Isabella Crulli and Selena Chi also achieved scores of 99 or more. 19.4% of the cohort attained an ATAR of 95 or more, placing them in the top 5% of Australia. 29% scored 90 or more and 61% of the cohort gained an ATAR of 80 or more, ranking them in the top 20% of the nation. Study scores (unscaled) of 40 and above were received by 21.6% of Lowther Hall students studying a VCE subject. 4 perfect scores of 50 out of 50 were awarded in Further Mathematics (2), English and Legal Studies. The median study score was 35.   

These results reflect the dedication and commitment of the girls and their teachers and are the product of sustained effort over time. More important than the results, however, are the skills and qualities which each girl has gained throughout her VCE journey which will equip her for the world beyond school. A number of students have already been offered tertiary places through scholarships or early achievement programs on the basis of their results and all that they have already accomplished throughout their school journey.   

Congratulations to all the girls who have worked hard and sought to do their best, and to all who have supported them. Well done!