Year 12

Of course a major focus for the next few weeks across our school, is the end of the Year 12 journey. At our whole school assembly on Tuesday we celebrated the annual ritual in which each Year 12 girl received a yellow rose from a Prep student and, in turn, presented her with seeds, symbolic of the growth that we anticipate for her as she moves through the years at Lowther Hall. This year there was an extremely poignant aspect as Stephanie Muscat exchanged a gift with her sister in Prep! I am enjoying meeting with the Year 12 girls over lunch in their House groups this week and next, in order to gather their feedback about the School and to assess how we can serve girls even better in the future.


As you are aware, feedback is very important to us at Lowther Hall. Later this week you will receive details of a survey where we will invite you to comment on the reporting process – giving us your views about the nature of the report, the Learning Conferences and matters related to the communication of student learning.  

We are also seeking feedback from the girls this term. Firstly, girls from Year 3 up will complete a survey giving feedback on the teaching and learning in the School. This will help staff to assess how well they (the teachers) have met the goals set out in the Strategic Plan for Teaching and Learning. Later in the term, girls will complete the annual student well-being surveys, which help us to identify the specific pastoral needs of each cohort and plan programs for them for the remainder of the year and for 2015. 

Getting Involved in Term 4 

As always there are many opportunities for parents to be involved with the School during Term 4. In particular I would like to draw your attention to the Parent Forum on October 29 at which Christine Nixon, former Victorian Chief of Police, will speak about the role of men and boys in raising girls. I hope that many dads (and mums) across our school community will come to hear what I am sure will be an insightful presentation.  

A highlight of the calendar will also be our Twilight Festival on November 14 and I hope that you have this evening put aside in your diary. There are still many ways to get involved with helping on the night and I urge you to buy your raffle tickets and consider how you can support the School at this event. I’m getting my wetsuit ready for the dunk tank! 

This week though, we start the term with our wonderful Art Exhibition “Connect” and I am looking forward very much to seeing all of our student art work displayed and to sharing the special opening event with many of you on Friday evening. Do make sure that you put aside time to view the exhibition over the weekend. I hope to see you there.