Girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 have learnt new skills, gathered new knowledge and continued to develop the qualities and dispositions they will need for the future. I was delighted last week in “Together on Friday” to be handing out so many certificates recognising our Junior School girls who have  demonstrated various Qualities of the Lowther Hall Girl during this term and in last Tuesday’s Senior School Assembly to be recognising many Year 12 students who have achieved “Colours” in recognition of their sustained commitment to their House or to co-curricular activity or to effort in learning. These awards reflect the fact that our girls understand that there is more to school than classes and marks and reminds me that they willingly take responsibility for becoming a “whole person” educated for the “whole of life”. I was also excited to present Year 12 student, Madelyn Kelsey with her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award this week – I hope that as our Year 9 girls leave for their Bronze level Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey today, that they are inspired by Madelyn’s efforts. 

I will be joining the Year 12 students at their 2 day Retreat later today, where they will have the chance to reflect on their school journey and prepare for all that is to come in the weeks and months ahead – their revision, examinations, the end of their secondary schooling and the transition to life beyond Lowther Hall. It is an intense time of year for these girls and they are very much in our thoughts! As we all head towards the 3 week break from formal classes, I know that the Year 12s will be accelerating into a steady study period and then commencing their practice examinations. Whilst some rest will be important for these girls, they cannot take the foot too far from the pedal and each girl will need to work out the right balance of rest and work in order to be well positioned for success in her assessments. Across the remainder of the school, for some girls the break will be an important time for relaxation and rest after a busy term. For others, it provides an opportunity to so some extra learning in order to consolidate concepts from last term or prepare for the term ahead. For others the focus will be on reconnecting with family and friends and for some, on travel or other new and challenging experiences. Whatever your plan for the break, I hope you will find it to be what you need and that all girls will come  back to school in October with renewed energy and a positive outlook.