It was pleasing to see that most parents felt clear about the different reports and the various components of them. Areas where further clarification could be useful were in the weighting of tasks (Senior School) and the calculation of the House Points (Senior School). 

In both Senior School and Junior School, most parents reported that they read their reports with their daughters or that their daughters thoroughly read their report. The Effort Grade (Junior School) and Learning Behaviours (Senior School) were important components of the report for the majority of parents. Only 28% of Senior School parents indicated that they believed the grade was the most important aspect of the report. 

In Junior School, the Learning Conference at the start of the year was ranked as the most valuable opportunity for information exchange. 

Some themes which emerged as areas for improvement included: 

Senior School 

  • A desire to have a longer time between receiving the report and having the learning conferences 
  • More clarity around learning behaviours and how “consistently” can be achieved
  • A review of the ‘dot point’ areas of the report Increased contact from teachers if things are not going well 

Junior School 

  • More strategies for how parents can assist students 
  • More detail in reports about the girls 

Across both areas of the School 

  • On-line reporting 
  • More regular reporting 

Longer or more frequent Learning Conferences 

There were also some very positive comments – 2 of which were as follows: 

I would just like to thank all the teachers and all their efforts towards the girls, it is very important to have the best teachers possible and encourage our girls to work to their maximum and extend themselves.  

Thank you for the time and effort that has gone into reports for both our girls over the years, after 18 years at Lowther Hall we certainly have a collection! 

Once again, I thank all families who participated for their feedback.