This week I have been reflecting on the incredible capacity of our girls to become resilient beings. We are fortunate to live in a world where much of the time it is easy to be comfortable - we adjust temperature to 'just right' with the simple flick of an air conditioning switch, we can fly between continents in just a few hours, we can buy whatever we need on-line or in store, but the reality is that to be well equipped for life and its inevitable bumps, to be able to thrive in relationships and to flourish in the world of work, we need to build the capacity to navigate discomfort. 

By working though playground disagreements, encountering peers whose needs or desires are in conflict with our own and through taking up opportunities to visit new places and be away from home, our girls build their abilities to deal with being uncomfortable, tolerate difficulty and solve problems.  As a result, we see them equip themselves with the vital skills they will need for a happy and successful life.   

With our Year 9s on their 2 week field trips, with many Senior School girls working through exams and with all students participating the regular routines of school life, I find much evidence of the capacity to withstand challenge within our student community this week.  Keep up the great work, girls!