This week I spoke to the Senior School girls about the use of good manners in their daily lives. Specifically I reminded them of the expectation that they (as a young person) give up a seat on public transport to an older person, a pregnant woman or a person with a disability. I also explored with them some of the complexities that exist when old fashioned good manners need to be interpreted in modern feminist context or re-imagined to keep up with new technologies. I encouraged the girls to be thoughtful and gracious in their interactions with others and to look beyond their own immediate needs, whether this be through ensuring they RSVP to an invitation, putting their phone away at dinner or simply through the use of “please” and “thankyou” and by making eye contact. From time to time I receive comments from the public about the conduct (both good and sometimes disappointing) of our girls when they are travelling to and from school. Such feedback always reminds me that as the adults it is our responsibility to ensure that they know how to behave well so that they can get it right and I thank parents for all that they do to encourage and model excellent manners in our girls.