Excitement is building in Senior School as the cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast make their final preparations for next week’s production. I hope that I will see many of you there! Similarly there is a buzz of anticipation in Junior School in the lead up to tomorrow’s Science Fair, which I am sure will be a highlight of the term. As each of these special opportunities takes place I am reminded of the dedication of the teachers who work tirelessly and with unrivalled passion to provide meaningful learning experiences for our girls, not simply in their classrooms, but through a range of wonderful additional programs. 

As members of a genuine learning community our staff nurture their own passion and growth through participation in conferences, workshops, peer projects, action research, formal study and various other forms of professional development. I will be undertaking one such experience during a short period of sabbatical leave during the final 2 weeks of Term 2. I will join Tracy Healy (Deputy Principal – Head of Senior School) in America where we will both complete a week-long course at Harvard University in the use of data to improve educational outcomes. The trip will also afford me the opportunity to confirm some itinerary details and connections for the 2017 Choir Tour to the USA. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you on my return.