This week our Years 10, 11 and 12 students are completing their mid-year examinations – an important opportunity to consolidate and demonstrate their learning this year to date and to gain valuable experience working under time constraints. This kind of assessment method is just one way in which the girls can demonstrate their skills – it is important that we also provide other means by which our students can show us how competent they are. I am confident, for example, that the Year 9s currently in Vietnam and Central Australia are being given a chance to demonstrate independence, resilience, curiosity and emotional intelligence. When I visited the Years 7 and 8 students on their camps this week, I saw these girls demonstrating trust, a preparedness to take a considered risk and self-awareness. 

In Junior School many students have been practising their public speaking – a process which allows our younger girls to show us how far they have come with their confidence and ability to communicate in a formal setting. The variety of experiences provided through school all combine to allow us to develop a very pleasing picture of the growing capacity of the girls – all we need to do is remember to stand back and appreciate what we see.