Year 11 Visual Communication and Design students and Year 3 students have recently partnered in a special way.

Our Visual Communication and Design class began a graphic design project centered around children's story books. Each student was interested in this graphic design model and needed some inspiration to begin. It so happened that at this time, our Year 3 students had finished their unit in story writing, having completed their stories based on the 'Little Miss' book series. This made for a perfect collaboration between the two groups; Year 11 girls partnered up with Year 3 girls to turn their stories into illustrated books, thus completing their graphic design project and helping Year 3 bring their narratives to life. Each Year 3 student acted as client for Year 11 students, explaining what they wanted each character to look like and what was happening on each page. 

The collaboration between the two year levels made for more personal and meaningful learning, with Year 11 dedicating themselves to making sure Year 3 would be happy with the results. The conclusion of the project ended with special presentation of the completed books to very excited and happy Year 3 students.