​As usual there has been a great deal happening this week. On the property front, renovations are well underway at the back of the Mansion to create a new reflection space and an office for our Chaplain – a project supported by the fundraising which happened at our 2014 Twilight Festival.

Congratulations to our Senior School Hip Hop Team who have won Bronze at the National Dancestar Championships on the Gold Coast.

Thank you to parent Mrs Lucy Allison who sent this beautiful photo of a rainbow above the mansion which she took this week. It is a reminder that it is always worth stopping to look around us so that we can see the beauty in the world.

Term 3 has started with a very positive energy across all areas of the School. In our whole school assembly yesterday, we noted that we were witnessing history as new images of Pluto were being sent to Earth via the NASA probe and I asked the girls to consider what we might learn from this ambitious space mission that could apply to their school context.

A strategy that we encourage the girls to use in order to promote feelings of positive well-being, is to focus on things they are grateful for. The simple practice of stopping each day to identify moments that have gone well or to celebrate interactions or activities that have made us feel good can contribute to an overall feeling of happiness and build our satisfaction with life.

Piano festival 2015 is here! Our students have been enjoying all things ‘piano’ this week, with piano concerts, trivia and competitions.