Last week finished with the wonderful celebration of 100 days of school for our Prep girls. It was gratifying to see each girl cross the stage to receive her certificate and to reflect on how much has been learnt in such a short time at School. There is nothing quite like hearing our youngest voices sing the School Song to send you home with a smile!

If you have walked through the School this week, you may have noticed many of the glass surfaces covered in colourful writing. A closer inspection will have revealed that much of this writing takes the form of  mathematics problems which the girls have been encouraged to work through in a space where others can see them.

Term 2 is certainly finishing with a great deal of energy! This week we enjoyed the Winter String festival – which provided a wonderful opportunity for string players of all ages across the school to perform, and at lunchtimes we have been serenaded by many Senior School and Junior School girls who learn the piano, in our series of Piano Festival Concerts.