Qualities of a Lowther Hall Girl

The following are the Qualities that we seek to assist girls to develop during their years at Lowther Hall:

  • She has a clear set of values which she can articulately communicate and apply to her life
  • She is committed to the pursuit of excellence
  • She is curious and knows how to learn
  • She is resilient and able to accept and learn from failure
  • She is prepared to take a considered risk
  • She understands herself, her strengths and weaknesses
  • She is confident and independent
  • She has a sense of belonging
  • She cares for others and for herself
  • She can work with others and take the lead
  • She understands the world and her capacity to shape it
  • She is optimistic and has a sense of hope for the future

These qualities were developed via a collaborative consultation process that involved all students and staff, and they have been embraced by the entire School community. Both within the classroom and beyond, girls at Lowther Hall are encouraged and supported – by staff and student leaders – to develop the 12 Qualities as they move through their education.

At the end of Year 12, students frequently remark that the consistent focus on the development of the 12 Qualities has given them the confidence and assurance they need to forge happy, successful adult lives.