2025 Scholarships

Academic, Piano, Music, Vocal and General Excellence scholarships are offered at Lowther Hall; the Academic examinations (for entry into Year 5 and Year 7) and auditions for Piano, Music and Vocal scholarships are normally held in February or March of each year.

Academic. Academic scholarships are offered for entry into Year 5 and Year 7 only. A range of discounts of up to 100% may be offered on tuition fees. 

Piano. Piano scholarships are offered for entry into Year 5 only and offer up to full remission on academic tuition fees and/or private music tuition fees.

Music. Music scholarships are offered for entry into Year 7 and offer up to full remission on academic tuition fees and/or private music tuition fees. 

Vocal (Girls' Voices of the Cathedral). Vocal scholarships are offered for entry into Years 5 or 7 for students wishing to be part of the Girls' Voices of the Cathedral Program. A range of discounts may be offered on academic tuition fees.

St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne is the only cathedral in the southern hemisphere with a designated girls' choir (which is provided by Lowther Hall). Please contact the School if you would like further information about the Program.

General Information for Academic, Piano, Music and Vocal scholarships:

Scholarships cover fees to the end of VCE studies (a range of tuition fee remissions are offered each year to successful candidates). Scholarships are awarded on the basis of examination results, an interview, previous school reports and auditions (Piano, Music and Vocal) and other information. All other expenses (such as composite fees, Building Fund contribution and the enrolment fee) are chargeable.

Scholarships must be accepted to the completion of Year 12 and are conditional upon satisfactory progress being maintained.

The offer of a Scholarship is made on the condition that the Student remains enrolled at Lowther Hall until she completes her secondary schooling to the end of Year 12. If the Student was to leave the School before that time, the parent/s (or guardian/s) will be required to repay the amount of fee remission received up to that time. The Principal may waive this obligation, or reduce the amount required to be repaid, in exceptional circumstances.

Registration for Academic Scholarships for entry into Years 5 or 7 in 2025 is now closed as is registration for all 2025 Music and Vocal Scholarships.

Registration for Scholarships on offer for 2026 will be available through this site in December 2024. Details outlining the minimum eligibility requirements for Music Scholarship applicants will also be posted at this time.

General Excellence Scholarships

Scholarships Applications are invited from external students who will be entering Year 9 in 2025 and who demonstrate exceptional ability in one or more of the following areas: Visual Arts (Art, Visual Communication Design),   Dance, Drama/Theatre Studies,   Sport, Leadership (and other contributions to the applicant’s school and wider community).  

Students who have considerable experience and achievement in one or more of these areas are invited to apply. A sound academic standard is required and Award recipients must be willing to commit to Lowther Hall’s co-curricular programs in their chosen area throughout their entire schooling at Lowther Hall. Recipients of a Dance, Drama/Theatre Studies or Visual Arts Scholarship are expected to study these subjects through to the end of Year 12. The progress of recipients is reviewed regularly.  

A fee remission of 50% will apply to the tuition component of the school fees only and applicants must be in Year 8 in 2024. All other expenses (such as composite fees, Building Fund contribution and the enrolment fee) are chargeable.  

Applications should include:   

An introductory letter from the student outlining:   

  • why she would like to attend Lowther Hall 
  • her achievements in one or more of the areas listed above 
  • how she might contribute to school life  

Applications should also include the following:   

  • Parent/caregivers' contact details (names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) 
  • A copy of the applicants most recent school report and NAPLAN results  
  • A copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate or Passport 
  • Details and evidence of any notable awards/certificates  
  • Two written references (together with referees’ contact details)  
  • Portfolio (if applying for a Visual Arts Scholarship)  

Applicants for Dance and/or Drama/Theatre Studies Scholarships will be required to audition in their selected area. Details of the audition will be provided following written application. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview with the Principal and the Deputy Principal, where they will be required to expand further on their achievements.  

Applications should be forwarded to:    

The Director of Admissions, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School, 

17 Leslie Road, Essendon (PO Box 2081) ESSENDON WEST VIC 3040  



The closing date for General Excellence Scholarship applications is Thursday 4 April 2024.