Other partners

Lowther Hall has established partnerships with a number of organisations. These relationships provide valuable additional learning and community contribution opportunities for our students.

Brotherhood of St Laurence

We have a longstanding relationship with the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Our students and wider School community regularly contribute to fundraising and other initiatives in support of this organisation.

MAINUDDIN School in Bangladesh

Lowther Hall has an ongoing relationship with the Bhola Island region of Bangladesh

In 1995 the School funded the construction, staffing and resourcing of the Lowther Hall Mainuddin Primary School and almost two decades on, the Lowther Hall community continues to provide funds for the staffing and maintenance of this school, which provides education for approximately 500 primary school aged girls and boys.

The University of Melbourne

Our partnership with the University of Melbourne gives our girls the opportunity to study a first year university subject while in Year 12 via the University’s Extension Program.

With subjects on offer including Biology, Philosophy, Linguistics, Art History and History, students can experience a taste of tertiary learning while obtaining a credit towards a tertiary degree. Successful completion of a first year university subject may also be used as a fifth or sixth study in the calculation of a student’s ATAR.

In addition, our partnership with the University of Melbourne sees pre-service teachers regularly undertaking practicum experience at Lowther Hall. We value the opportunity to contribute to the development of the next generation of educators.

La Trobe University and Victoria University

Our relationships with these northern and western suburbs universities see Lowther Hall girls regularly considered for, and awarded, tertiary scholarships from La Trobe University and Victoria University.