Learning Strategies

The primary years are vital to the development of foundation skills that underpin academic success. As part of our commitment to personalised learning, we tailor an individualised program that enables each girl to flourish academically, especially across key areas such as literacy and numeracy.

Individual Learning

Within every classroom, our experienced teachers deliver a differentiated curriculum that takes into account the unique abilities and learning needs of every individual student. Our teachers are experts in this area and participate in regular professional development specifically focussed on delivering best-practice differentiated learning.

In addition, our experienced Blinkbonnie and Raymond House teams works together to determine the strengths and unique learning challenges for each student, via a combination of academic assessment and teacher appraisal/observation.

Learning Support

For students requiring academic support, a personalised program is created around the point of need and its delivery is overseen by our dedicated Learning Strategies Coordinator. Current learning support programs available to Blinkbonnie and Raymond House students include Literacy Intervention as well as additional literacy and numeracy programs that have been specially developed by our skilled educators.