Sampford House (Yr 7 - 9)

Sampford House is home to students in Years 7 – 9. Named after a former headmistress at Lowther Hall, Sampford House is light, airy and welcoming. It features spacious classrooms as well as collaborative learning spaces, specialist learning areas and a purpose-built learning resource centre.

Consolidate and Grow

While strengthening and consolidating literacy and numeracy skills, the Sampford House curriculum also gives students the chance to enjoy a wide range of learning experiences across the visual and performing arts, sciences, languages, humanities, food technology and health. This breadth of studies, each taught by a specialist in the field, assists students to discover which subject areas most appeal to them and positions them well to make decisions about subjects for their final years of secondary school.

Student Wellbeing

Students’ wellbeing is nurtured in Sampford House via our highly regarded pastoral care program. All students are part of a Home Group with two Home Group teachers who work with the Year Level Coordinator and subject teachers to monitor the personal and academic journey of each girl. Students also participate in year-level specific health and personal development programs such as the Year 9 Yannergee student wellbeing program.

Transition Support

The Tangara transition program assists girls moving from Year 6 into Year 7, extending from June of the Year 6 year until June of the Year 7 year. As part of this program, senior staff, including the Principal, meet with each girl and family and work together to help girls make the adjustment to the demands of secondary school. Transition experiences are differentiated for current Lowther Hall students and new students to the School and include several visits to Senior School, the gathering of academic and well being data, student mentoring from older girls and familiarisation with the physical environment.


Sampford House Curriculum Outline

Learning Support

Gifted and Talented Programs 


Exchanges and Study Tours


Cocurricular Life and Leadership Opportunities