Leadership Development

There are many opportunities for leadership at Lowther Hall, both informally through cross age programs and various House based activities, and through formal positions of leadership such as captaincies and Prefect positions. 

Altogether there are over 100 formally recognised leadership positions across the whole school, with each leader commissioned at a formal ceremony in which they pledge to serve the School to the best of their ability. 

Through our focus on developing the 12 Qualities of the Lowther Hall Girl, by the time our students leave school each one of them is able to “work with others and take the lead”.


The prefect body includes the School Captain, Deputy School Captain, six House Captains, the Social Justice Prefect and the Faith and Worship Prefect.

As well as being role models for every student in the School, prefects – who are all Year 12 students – take on significant roles such as managing the Student Representative Council, coordinating wide-ranging House activities, chairing the Social Justice Committee and running weekly chapel services. They are also responsible for assisting all Senior School students to develop the 12 Qualities of the Lowther Hall Girl.

Prefects are elected via a democratic process that involves the entire Senior School community.

Student Representative Councils in Senior School and Junior School (SRC)

The Lowther Hall SRC is genuinely empowered and the views and voices of students are taken seriously via this forum. Through their involvement, students on the SRC learn how to create proposals, argue their case and achieve outcomes that benefit students. 

Activities, Faculty and Sport Captains

These 43 Year 12 students lead girls in Years 7 to 10 in specific areas of student interest. Activities and events take place either within lunchtimes or before and after school. Captains support the prefects in acting as role models to younger students, and are selected by staff, following a thorough process that involves nomination, application and interview.

House Leaders

As well as a House Captain, each House has a Deputy House Captain, an Assistant Deputy House Captain and Year 11 House Leaders. Together, these House leaders work as a team to coordinate House events including the Swimming Competition, Athletics Competition and the Performing Arts Competition, as well as act as points of contact for the younger girls and assist them to participate fully in the life of their House.

Preparation for Leadership Program

In this program, students in Years 8 and 10 provide genuine audience on which aspiring Year 11 leaders can "practise" and hone their leadership skills, including:

  • Year 8 activities in the Year 11 Leadership Conference run by Year 11 girls in House groups
  • Leadership of Year 10 Camp by Year 11 volunteers

Year 6 Leaders

All Year 6 students take on a position of leadership. Roles are matched to each student’s individual area of interest in which they must promote, devise and lead activities for younger students.