Pastoral Care Staff

Care for each girl is a responsibility shared by all adults at Lowther Hall. 

Staff training is vital to ensure that all adults within the organisation can be focussed on maintaining a positive culture for the girls. This extends beyond the teaching staff to the administration and support staff where relevant. Professional Learning in support of student wellbeing is a priority and is supported through the Professional Learning budget. Some examples of staff training are offered below. 

  • New staff induction for ALL staff (property, IT, administration, etc.) includes familiarisation with the Qualities of a Lowther Hall Girl and all staff are encouraged to play an active role in assisting girls to foster these Qualities 
  • Professional learning related to pastoral care routines at relevant year levels is delivered to new teaching staff each year
  • Time given within the school meeting schedule for teaching and support staff in Years K to 1 to develop a shared “image of the Child” and to work through how this can be enacted
  • Funding given to groups of Senior School staff to attend Professional Learning on specific wellbeing subjects such as anxiety, depression, perfectionism, etc and then time given for these staff to report back and provide education to other staff 
  • Funding of staff to undertake further study in student wellbeing 
  • Experts within the school – for example, school psychologists or those with specialist qualifications – deliver “in house” professional learning to teachers related to student wellbeing 

Across the Lowther Hall campus there is also a team of specialist pastoral care staff who have time specifically allocated to attend to the social, emotional and psychological needs of students as they move through the School. Many of these staff have specific qualifications in child or adolescent welfare, or have had specific training in managing the concerns commonly faced by young people and their families.

specialist pastoral care staff:

  • Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School
  • Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Coordinators
  • Deputy Head of Raymond House
  • Deputy Head of Blinkbonnie House
  • School Psychologists
  • School Nurse
  • School Chaplains