Student Voice

Student Voice plays a vital part in the wellbeing program at Lowther Hall as it is one of the main ways in which confidence and a sense of belonging are fostered. The School’s commitment to student voice is reflected in the School’s Values Statement which states: We value respectful relationships which give rise to everyone having a voice. Similarly, the staff Code of Conduct states as its first Principle: We highly value child safety, the empowerment of girls, student voice and have zero tolerance for child abuse. Two specific examples of the ways in which student voice is fostered are listed below: Formal Structures and Student Feedback Processes. 

Formal Structures for student voice to be heard 

A range of formal structures continue to provide regular opportunities for girls to raise concerns or offer solutions to emerging challenges. 

  • Junior School and Senior School Student Councils 
  • Year 12 meetings for all girls with the Principal at the start and end of each year 
  • Inclusion of students on some review committees (for example, the Uniform Review Committee, the Charity Partnerships Review Committee and the Canteen Selection Committee) 
  • Student leader regular meetings with staff mentors
  • Student led assemblies in which students can share messages they believe are important
  • Student led committees – for example the Social Justice Committee and the Faith Committee   

Student Feedback Processes 

Teaching staff across Years 7 to 12 are required feedback from one class of their students about their teaching practice through anonymous surveys. This data focusses on instructional strategies as well as classroom practices such as fostering inclusion and developing positive relationships with students. The feedback is acted on by teachers and then classes are re-surveyed to assess whether improvement had occurred. The Independent Schools Victoria School Effectiveness LEAD (Listen, Evaluate, Act, Deliver) surveys are undertaken annually and seek anonymous feedback from students in Years 5 to 12 on nine aspects of school life: Academic Program, Discipline and Safety, Learning Outcomes, Pastoral Care, Personal Development, Peer Relationships, Resources, School Values and Ethos and Transition. Girls are also able to make comments as part of the survey and it is remarkable how many students take the time to comment positively on their Lowther Hall experience.