Year Level Programs

Our formally timetabled Year Level Programs are adapted each year in response to the particular needs of the cohort. From Kindergarten to Year 3, data is collected through interviews with parents and staff observations. From Year 4 onwards, data is collected via the Australian Council of Educational Research Social Emotional Wellbeing surveys, which provide information about each cohort which is used as a basis for building each Year Level Program. A snapshot of examples are provided from across the School:

Year 7 and Year 8 Year Level Programs 

Girls in Year 7 participate in the “Tangara” Program comprising wellbeing focussed lessons 4 days a week with the Principal, Deputy Principal and Year Level Coordinator in the first 6 months of the year. The focus is broadly on establishing a sense of belonging, determining their Year Level culture and working with a range of students. In different years, the focus shifts as needed – for example in 2018 there was a greater emphasis on inclusion and disability, whereas in 2019 it has been on positive social relationships and the role of the bystander. Similarly in Year 8, girls undertake the “Willarra” Program which involves wellbeing lessons led by the Year Level Coordinator and key Year 8 pastoral staff. Focus areas include mindfulness, positivity and altruism. 

Year 9 Year Level Program 

The Year 9 “Yannergee” Program runs for half the year with 5 lessons each fortnight and assists students to explore topics such as positive body image, self-esteem, empowerment, empathy and the development of values. 

Years 10, 11 & 12 Year Level Programs 

In Years 10, 11 and 12, as well as supporting each cohort to work together cooperatively as a group to achieve positive outcomes, the Year Level Programs shift focus to begin preparing students for the transition to senior study and, ultimately, to the world beyond school. Guest speakers become a more regular feature of the programs and deliver workshops relating to career development, résumé writing, financial management, voting, taxation, driver education and safe celebrations. A popular feature is the workshop with Victoria Police about the rights and responsibilities of young adults. Where data suggests a particular need, Year Level Programs are also tailored to address specific areas such as positive mental health, dealing with anxiety and academic confidence. These programs operate for the whole year for 90 minutes per fortnight. The Year 11 Conference (a 2 day city based residential experience) and the Year 12 Retreat (a 2 day residential reflection experience at the end of the year also play a key role in these programs.       

Year 5 

The second half of the Year 5 Year Level Program focusses on Leadership and assists girls to identify their strengths, weaknesses and passions as they prepare for leadership positions in the following year.