Our Students

Our students are the life-blood of Lowther Hall and wherever possible, we try to involve the girls in decisions about the School which are relevant to them. We have an active Student Council and create regular opportunities for the student voice to be heard.

Our student leadership positions are constructed to give girls genuine experience in making decisions and implementing programs and initiatives associated with their roles.

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Some reflections from our students:

School Captain, Emma, reflects on aspects of her Lowther Hall experience:

One of the many things that Lowther Hall has taught me, is to have the confidence to take on the many exciting opportunities school life offers, as it will reward you both with new experiences and new friendships with girls from a range of year levels. For me, this has involved being a part of music ensembles such as the orchestra and stage band, as well as debating, Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) sports competitions and the Student Representative Council, all of which I have immensely enjoyed because of the connections made and sustained throughout the years. Entering my final year of schooling, I feel privileged to be part of a school environment that allows its students to flourish both in the classroom and in co-curricular activities, so that we leave school as well-equipped and well-rounded young women ready to make a positive difference in the world. 

Deputy School Captain, Kairo, reflects:

Looking back over the 13 years that I have spent at Lowther Hall, I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I begin my Year 12 journey. Being surrounded by teachers and students who care about me and my potential to learn and grow has made me feel very confident in myself and my learning. Lowther has not only encouraged me to strive for excellence in my studies but has also encouraged me to remember the importance in developing strong friendships, self-acceptance and skills that I will need for the whole of life. Lowther has provided me with innumerable opportunities to pursue my passions and interests which has played a large role in shaping the person I am today. Through my involvement in activities such as the Girls Sport Victoria program, Student Representative Council, school productions, Choirs, Hip Hop crews and stage bands, I have been able to make stronger connections with girls in a range of year levels as well as develop my skills and nurture my passions in a open and engaging environment. I am so thankful and privileged to attend a school where I am encouraged to learn and grow without fear and take every opportunity that comes my way, so that I can leave school with a set of skills and qualities that will empower me to make a positive difference in the world and to myself. 

Raymond House Captain, Alannah, sums up her Lowther Hall experience as follows:

Being a student of Lowther Hall since Kindergarten, I have made many memories that will stay with me forever. The Lowther Hall motto, Non Nobis Solum (Not For Ourselves Alone) reflects the way I have been taught at Lowther Hall. We are encouraged to help each other and welcome others to fit in. Lowther Hall also encourages me to follow all of my passions, such as being the Raymond House Captain. With my teachers' assistance I have worked hard and achieved this goal. My favourite 'Lowther Hall Girl Quality' is “ She cares for others and herself “. This reflects my personality and the Lowther Hall motto. As the Raymond House Captain I plan to be the best leader I can be and continue to make Lowther Hall the best school.   

Raymond House Deputy Captain, Ruby, reflects:

I can honestly say that being a student at Lowther Hall since Kinder has been an amazing 7 years of my life. Each day we are nurtured by our wonderful staff, learn excellent things and build fantastic relationships with our classroom teachers and peers. I have had so many opportunities at Lowther Hall such as productions, music groups, drama lessons, learning the cello, participating in swimming, athletics and so much more! These made some of the best moments at School for me. I look forward to the wonderful opportunities ahead of me and I am very proud to be in the role of Raymond House Deputy Captain for 2018! 

Raymond House Deputy Captain, Sabine, reflects:

Lowther Hall is a great school, providing an amazing education and even better teachers and students. Lowther Hall has really helped me to become the person I am today, and also to improve in all subjects. After starting at Lowther Hall in Year 4, it has helped me regain my confidence and opened more doors for me in my life. I believe Lowther Hall is an amazing place with great ways to help girls get a better education. For me it’s not just a school, it makes me feel as if it’s my second home.