Our Performance

Our outstanding VCE results are a source of great pride, however, at Lowther Hall our primary focus is on educating the whole person for the whole of life and our goal is to equip our girls with a set of skills and qualities that will enable them to thrive as adults in the fast-paced 21st century. Specifically, it is our desire to work with each student to assist her to develop the 12 Qualities of the Lowther Hall girl.

Excellent VCE Results

Upon completing Year 12, Lowther Hall girls typically attain excellent  VCE results. We are committed to working with each girl to assist her to do her very best, irrespective of her starting point. 

LIFE After Lowther

We are particularly proud of our girls’ success beyond the school gates. You will find Lowther Hall girls experiencing success in almost every field of endeavour. In addition, our girls do exceptionally well at university, out-ranking many of their peers in academic performance and (as we know through the data available to us regarding tertiary retention) demonstrating an ability to follow through with post-secondary study.


Details of the School’s performance on a range of aspects during the School year are provided on the  Annual Report page.