Our Values

Within our inclusive, caring school community, we support our girls to achieve academic excellence while at the same time developing a set of values that will help them to live full, happy and successful lives beyond the school gates.

We value:

  • Learning for all members of our community and especially for young women. 
  • Respectful relationships which give rise to everyone having a voice.
  • Living the School motto, non nobis solum, through a proactive demonstration of social responsibility. 
  • Inclusivity, diversity and acceptance of difference within our girls’ school context. 
  • A physically, emotionally and socially safe environment which fosters health and wellbeing. 
  • Individuals working together for a common good. 
  • The pursuit of excellence through effort. 
  • A broad curriculum which promotes the recognition of diverse interests and strengths. 
  • Local, national and global engagement. 
  • Leadership that aligns with our School values and the development of such leadership in students and staff. 
  • A physical environment which is sustainable and has both aesthetic and functional value. 
  • An orientation towards the future which embraces our Anglican context, our traditions and our past.