Qualities of a Lowther Hall Support Staff Member

The Qualities of a Lowther Hall Support Staff Member were developed by the support staff to assist with the realising of our School's mission and vision.

A Lowther Hall Support Staff Member:

  • provides exemplary customer service
  • communicates effectively by valuing input and professionally sharing knowledge and information
  • is dedicated and takes responsibility for their role in the School
  • supports and respects all members of the school community
  • understands how to work collaboratively in all areas of the School
  • will report and act on any risk to protect the environment where safety is paramount
  • knows how to prioritise and provide timely support to all stakeholders of the community
  • strives for excellence in order to support the strong educational outcomes for students
  • actively seeks to improve production through best practice
  • understands and supports the core values of the School
  • has a sense of belonging
  • acts in a safe and responsible manner
  • actively promotes Lowther Hall
  • accepts and embraces change
  • demonstrates confidentiality at all times