Qualities of a Lowther Hall Teacher

A Lowther Hall teacher:

  • Knows the students they teach and how to meet their individual learning needs
  • Understands how to plan for teaching that will maximise learning for each student
  • Has a deep understanding of the subjects they teach
  • Is familiar with a range of instructional strategies to effectively teach the curriculum
  • Knows the skills and competencies required in the 21st century and how to plan learning experiences which foster these
  • Uses data and student feedback to plan for, monitor, assess and report on student learning
  • Involves students in the learning process
  • Gives relevant feedback to improve student learning
  • Demonstrates respect for students by creating safe and challenging learning environments
  • Plans, documents and implements learning experiences which are relevant, structured, sequential and scaffolded to maximise learning for each student
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills with colleagues and with students and their families
  • Works collaboratively with teaching colleagues
  • Is an active and supportive member of the School community
  • Actively seeks to improve their practice through the examination of data, gathering of feedback, reflection and professional learning
  • Models passion for teaching and learning and the pursuit of excellence