Lowther Hall girls have a proud tradition of wearing their uniform well. The uniform promotes a sense of belonging and fosters community, being an outward expression of the shared experiences and values that our students have. It also provides a level playing field for all, reducing focus on having the “right clothes” to wear and allowing focus to remain on learning. 

By maintaining high standards of uniform girls develop the capacity to pay attention to detail and to take pride in the way that they represent themselves; qualities that we hope that they will carry forward into their adult lives. At Lowther Hall we value the pursuit of excellence, and the presentation of the uniform is one area where this is fostered and lived out.

The Lowther Hall uniform seeks to be fit for the School environment, with different items for different age groups and different activities.

For girls in Kindergarten to Year 1 there is an Early Years "Wardrobe" with a variety of connected garments that can be combined and worn at any time throughout the school year. This wardrobe range gives our youngest learners more opportunity to be comfortably active.

For girls in Years 2 to 12 there is an Academic "Wardrobe" that provides a range of connected trans-seasonal garments. Girls can choose on any given day the items that best reflects their personality, daily needs and identity. There is no separate "summer" or "winter" uniform. There is also a Sport Uniform for PE and Sport and other specific items for various sporting competitions.

There should be enough items purchased to ensure a clean garment is worn to School each day.

Families are provided with a Uniform Guidelines Booklet annually and this outlines the School’s Uniform Policy as well as compulsory and optional items of uniform.

Uniform Care

Laundering and/or dry cleaning information in relation to
each item of school wear can be found on the care labels sewn inside each garment. Care instructions should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid any shrinkage or fading. Garments that can be laundered should not be washed in concentrate detergents and should be dried in the shade. Special care should be taken if ironing any item of the sport  uniforms. The letters on these garments are sometimes plastisol and will be damaged if not ironed inside out.

To Purchase

Uniform items are available for purchase from Noone Imagewear who are located at 543 Keilor Road, Niddrie [Ph: 9379 5037]. Their trading hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am until 5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am until 1:00pm.

Noone Imagewear will write to families who are new to the School and have daughters starting at the beginning of a school year to arrange an appointment time for an individual fitting to take place.

Please view our New Academic Wardrobe Launch Page here.