​As usual, the Lowther Hall community has adapted to this week’s new reality of Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions quickly and effectively. There is now only a skeleton staff on site in Leslie Road to supervise those students who are learning at school and to maintain essential school operations.

​It can feel hard to stay positive and optimistic when high numbers of COVID-19 cases are being reported each day. As well as dealing with feelings of despondency and “zoom fatigue” we are all expending energy adapting to the new measures introduced to try to keep our community safe.

​Congratulations to Year 7 student, Lucy, whose composition A Trumpeter's Delight has been selected for Artology's Open Fanfare program at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) to be performed by the Queensland Youth Orchestra!

We officially launched ‘live streaming’ at Lowther Hall this week! Our students tuned in for the Whole School Assembly, which 'united' us online despite being physically apart. We look forward to presenting more live streamed events to our School Community in the future.

We have introduced a face mask option as part of our school uniform. From August 16, girls aged 12 years and over may wear either a disposable white or blue mask, or the fabric Lowther Hall mask. It is optional for girls under 12.

As I write today, we are all back in “remote” mode as our school undergoes a deep clean! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the speed with which they have adjusted to the various changes and challenges that the start of Term 3 has already brought in its very first week!

It is hard to comprehend that 11 weeks ago we began Term 2 with everyone learning from home. Since then we have completed many hours of remote learning, transformed our school site to promote distancing and hygiene requirements, transitioned back to on site classes, adapted our sport and music programs and started to embrace our new “normal”.

Today is Olympic Day! To celebrate, Senior School Sports Captains ran a special lunchtime event with sports-related activities for girls to enjoy. Diving, Football, Orienteering, Snowsports, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis, Softball, Basketball, Hockey and Netball were all represented!