​Our girls are so fortunate to be part of a community in which they can build their confidence: being surrounded by adults who support and encourage them creates an environment in which they can take considered risks and speak out, preparing them to ultimately be women who can make positive contributions in the adult world.

​I have so enjoyed my interactions with various parts of our school community this week. On Monday, it was all about the Year 7 girls, who were having a fabulous time getting to know each other better when I visited them during their Tangara Day at Williamstown.

What a week! Last Friday our entire school community made the mental and practical adjustments necessary to start this week in “remote mode” with only our Kindergarten girls and the children of essential workers on-site.

The Premier, Mr Daniel Andrews, announced today that Victoria will commence a Stage 4 lockdown tonight (Friday 12 February) for 5 days. Unfortunately, this means that our scheduled School Tours day will not be able to proceed tomorrow, Saturday 13 February. We will be back in touch with our community about alternative arrangements as soon as possible.

​It has been wonderful to share special welcome events and commencement services across the School this week. On Tuesday I enjoyed joining the Year 6 leaders and Senior School Captains for a day of planning in their roles, on Thursday, a highlight was presenting new Blinkbonnie House students with their Lowther Hall Teddy Bears and today it was a privilege to participate in the Raymond House Commencement Service and Dedication of Year 6

​It has been a week full of joyous events as we come to the end of our very unusual year! I was privileged to be with the Year 6 girls as they gave their reflective speeches as part of their special Celebration event early in the week, and then to join them for breakfast this morning as they prepared for their last day of primary school.

As we head into the final weeks of term, people external to the School often comment to me that it must be great that things are winding down!! At Lowther Hall, however, this is far from being the case! We are in full swing! This week the Piano Festival has been underway with girls across all parts of the School participating in recitals and special events to celebrate all things piano!

​One of the joys of this time of year is assisting girls to prepare for the next stage of their journey, whether that is from school into the adult world, from home to school or from one year level to the next.