Last Saturday I enjoyed reconnecting with Old Grammarians from the last 40 years as they celebrated their 10, 20, 25, 30 and 40 year reunions. These events always give me pause to reflect on the many ways in which the school has progressed and changed over that time. Past students are often amazed to visit spaces that have been renovated, transformed or added since they left, and their commentary is a great reminder of the ways in which the built form has evolved to meet the changing needs of the student body. The new academic wardrobe, recently installed centenary sculpture and the inclusion of an acknowledgement of country at all meetings and events are also aspects of the School in 2022 that drew particular comment during this reunion. There are, however, many aspects of Lowther Hall that have not changed and with which returning past students can still strongly identify: strong relationships with teachers, a spirit of non nobis solum and a focus on care and wellbeing remain at the heart of the School and are part of the girls lived experience as much today as in years past.

On Thursday when I joined the Prep girls as they celebrated 100 days of School in Blinkbonnie House, we reflected on the fact that just like the girls, our school has grown and changed as it has made its way towards its own special “100” celebration (which of course took place in 2020!) The girls were interested to think about the ways in which they have also changed and grown and, like our Lowther Hall spaces, the development in the Prep girls was tangible today, as they each took to the microphone to reflect on an aspect of school life.

Saturday this week will be spent with the School Council and the Senior Management Team in a strategic planning workshop, thinking about what we want for Lowther Hall as it begins the next 100 years of its journey. This is an exciting time for the whole community, and as I think about our Prep girls who still have the majority of their school years ahead of them, I am confident that we will develop a plan that will assist them to flourish and fulfill their potential so that they can be ready to make a worthwhile contribution to the adult world on completion of Year 12. As the generations of Lowther girls continue to walk through the gates, it is reassuring to have the traditions of generations past and a strong values base providing the foundation for a new and interesting future! I look forward to sharing the strategic thinking with the community in the coming months.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes