As Semester 1 draws to a close, I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction with all that has been achieved. I know, for example, that our girls know more than they did at the start of the year; many students have learnt new skills; all girls have had the opportunity to collaborate, problem solve, recover from setbacks, take considered risks and be exposed to different perspectives. Whether in classrooms, on camps, through additional experiences or at break times with friends, the experiences that the girls have had throughout the first 6 months of this year, have helped them to build the understandings, dispositions and personal qualities they will need for the days and years ahead. Just this week I was privileged to spend some time on the Year 11 Conference, during which girls made their way independently across town to visit 8 different schools and interview their student leaders – an excursion that required them to plan, navigate, communicate, cooperate, meet deadlines, speak to people they didn’t know and then report back – both orally and in writing – to the rest of the cohort. I know that these students are going to be an employers dream! And if I needed any further evidence of the fact that Lowther girls are “job ready” I have had 2 more experiences this week that have confirmed my hypothesis. On Saturday we hosted an open day at the School for prospective families, which included private tours for each set of visitors, led by current students. The feedback received about the girls who led the tours was universally glowing and letters have been coming in all week reflecting on the confidence, warmth, articulateness and enthusiasm of the tour guides – again, a set of qualities which will serve all students well in the adult world. Finally, on Friday morning, I was present when 10 “young” Old Grammarians returned to provide career advice for the Year 11 girls. This fine group of women were able to reflect on their own “life after Lowther” and provide the current students with inspiration and practical information about their chosen pathway: Evidence indeed that our girls are well prepared for whichever direction they decide to go! I hope that the next few weeks provides a change of pace for our community and a welcome rest for most girls! I will be heading to Broome for a few days to soak up some warmth! I wish all families a safe break and look forward to seeing the girls at the start of Term 3.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes