In a week that has concluded with the escalation of conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, we have a sobering reminder that the world which we are equipping our young people to navigate is a complex one. We will need peacemakers, diplomats, problem solvers, inventors and changemakers. Most of all, though, we will need girls who have confidence in themselves and their capacities, who can connect with others and who are prepared to step into the space – whatever their particular context. This can feel daunting. After all, we have only just emerged from a long period of isolation and detachment and it only now feels as though we are taking our first tentative steps back into face to face community. I am encouraged, however, by everything I see in our girls. This week, when I visited Year 8 camp, I witnessed a group who had arrived at school on Tuesday morning with a little more trepidation than usual about what the week would hold, but there they all were – stepping in. As I stood alongside the girls at the high ropes course I watched even the most nervous individual harness up and give it a go. Similarly at the beach, in the session that I attended, every girl was on a surfboard, fully embracing the opportunity to try a new activity and learn a new skill. Our girls are back, and they are ready to embrace life and take on whatever challenges they encounter. What a reassuring thing for us to see!

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes