Commencing a school term after a break is always a joyous time for me – coming back to the energy of the staff and the girls fills me with a really strong feeling of optimism and positivity. This was even more the case this week, as our staff day saw a significant focus on consultation about the development of our strategic plan. The theme for our staff day chapel service was “covenants” and we explored together some of the covenants that are central to the old testament – such as God’s covenant with Noah after the flood, symbolised by the sign of the rainbow in the sky to signify the promise that no such flood would come again. Covenants are by their very nature forward looking. The promise on which they are premised assumes a future and an ongoing relationship. I think strategic plans are similarly inspiring because they foresee a time beyond the now and forecast an investment in what is to come. The girls who are now in Kinder and Prep will see our next strategic plan enacted and it is exciting to be thinking about how we can best shape our school to equip these girls for the adult world that they will enter in the 2030s. I know that many parents within our community have engaged with the survey that was sent out by our Chair of School Council last week and I thank you for your input so far. Please consider responding if you have not already done so! I also encourage you to sign up to participate in a Focus Group if you are able to as we would love to gain further insights into your thoughts for the future of Lowther Hall.

I look forward to working with the whole school community, the girls, the parents and caregivers, old grammarians and staff to shape what will be a most important document for the next phase of the School’s journey.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes