This week I have been proud to see our Lowther Hall community re-engaging with the school motto, non nobis solum (not for ourselves alone). The girls have been bringing in gifts which will be donated to Anglicare for families in need at Christmas time next Tuesday at our whole school chapel service. Also, this evening the Senior School Social Justice Committee is finally hosting the long anticipated “Movie Night” to raise funds for one of our oversees charitable partners, the Australian Himalayan Foundation, an organisation with which we work to promote climate change education and action in areas near Mount Everest. Closer to home, I have also been struck by the generosity of spirit of our aspirant and new student leaders in Raymond House and Senior School over the last few weeks as they have articulated their desires to provide experiences for their younger peers that will assist them to connect with each other and grow in confidence. I also enjoyed welcoming new parents to Raymond House at the PFA hosted morning tea on Thursday and was reminded of the many members of our parent body who give so generously of their time as Committee members or as Year Level Representatives in order to support the School and other parents. Of course, as an Anglican school, the celebration of Christmas reminds us of the importance of selfless giving, personified in the Christian tradition in God’s gift of Jesus to the world and in turn, Jesus’ teachings of inclusion and servanthood. It is certainly a time of year to celebrate the way in which our community is one which is united in the value of giving to others!

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes