This week a record number of parents and caregivers came together to celebrate the end of the school year at a fundraiser luncheon hosted by the Parents and Friends’ Association. It was delightful to be able to gather with members of our community and to reflect on the ways in which everyone has worked together to support the girls throughout the last twelve months. I am so grateful that we have a body of adults in our community who are prepared to drive their daughters to school events, attend information evenings, read the communications that are sent home, volunteer at special events and support school processes. This strength of our community is tangibly felt by girls and staff alike and assists us to provide a safe place for the students where they know that they are valued and that they belong. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and caregivers for their support throughout the year, especially those who have served as part of the School Council, the PFA Committee, the Friends of Music and Friends of Rowing and those who have volunteered at stalls, the K-6 Disco, the Perpetual Motor Program, costume making workshops, welcome functions and other school events. You have provided an example to our girls of the school motto, non nobis solum, in action and assisted us to embed the “not for ourselves alone” philosophy within our school. 

It is apt then, that the end of year PFA Celebration luncheon also celebrated non nobis solum through fundraising for the Australian Himalaya Foundation (AHF), an organisation which works in partnership with the people of the remote Himalaya to improve living standards through better education and training, improved health services and environmental sustainability. Lowther Hall has been working with the AHF for many years now and we were delighted that one of their ambassadors, Gabby Kanizay (the youngest Australian to summit Everest) was able to join us on Friday for the PFA luncheon. Gabby and her mum, Jane, shared their love of the Himalaya and experiences from their recent climb as well as providing insights into parenting! 

Thank you once again to our entire body of parents and carers for your ongoing support – particularly as we head into the final weeks of the year. 

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes