Sometimes it is important to step out of the usual routine in order to gain perspective and be able to work at a different pace. To this end, this week the Executive Team and the Teaching and Learning Leadership Team have been undertaking some extended planning time out of the School. The main focus of this time has been the development of the new Lowther Hall Strategic Plan: processing the feedback from community consultation, synthesising the work done so far by the School Board and distilling the priorities for the next five years of the School’s journey. Time away has allowed us to work for extended periods without interruption in order to clearly identify what we want next for our girls, our families, our staff and our organisation. This reflection has also been an uplifting reminder of all that we are already doing and I have been delighted to consider how strongly we are recovering from the setbacks of the last two years. Planning for the future generates a great deal of positive energy and all of our leaders are feeling excited about taking the School forward into its next decade. I hope that the long weekend this week will allow all members of our community the opportunity to enjoy a different pace and that we will all return next Wednesday excited about completing the final stretch of Term 4! As the girls have begun learning music for the Carols Service in December this week, it has felt decidedly as though Christmas is just around the corner! I look forward to sharing the final events of 2023 with you throughout November.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes