This week, we farewelled the Year 12s with formal assemblies, their valedictory service, the valedictory dinner and the ritual throwing of the hats off the balcony. My favourite part of the celebrations, though, are the House lunches where Ms Healy and I meet with all of the girls to hear their reflections on the Lowther Hall journey. One of the things we ask the girls to think about is whether they can identify one way in which the School has assisted them to develop one of the 12 Qualities of a Lowther Hall Girl. Without fail, each student can talk about a program, person or experience that has helped them to be more confident, more resilient, a better leader, or more able to shape their world. As a school that strives to ensure that graduating students are educated holistically and are prepared to go into the world to make it a better place, it is always gratifying to hear that these young women are absolutely ready and to know that the world will indeed benefit from their presence in it.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes