One of the Qualities we seek to foster in our students is, She understands the world and her capacity to shape it. The girls study concepts of democracy through the civics and citizenship curriculum which begins in the Early Years and culminates in subjects such as “People Power” in the senior years. They also have an opportunity to practise preferential voting when the Year 6 and Year 12 leaders are elected each year by their peers. This week, some of our Year 12 students will have their first opportunity to participate in the shaping of our nation when they vote in the referendum on Saturday. Lowther Hall will be a polling place, which is another opportunity to bring the political system into the world of the girls and I am always proud to welcome the broader community into our school on such occasions. 

I am sure that many of you will have already decided how you will cast your vote on Saturday – it is a very personal decision. I will be voting yes, as each Aboriginal person that I have engaged with personally about the Voice to Parliament has made a compelling case that they believe it is a positive step towards greater recognition for our indigenous community. I have read the documentation published by the government and I feel clear about the way the advisory body would work and confident that I have nothing to fear from its establishment.  I hope that all members of our community who are eligible to vote tomorrow take the time to appreciate what it means to live in a country where we are given the opportunity to participate in political processes and to shape our world! 

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes