This week ANZAC Day services were held in both Junior School and Senior School and the Early Years students also focussed their assembly last Friday on an ANZAC Day theme. Some of the reflections of our youngest learners were particularly insightful and moving including comments such as “I am grateful that my parents don’t have to fight in a war”. As a school whose motto is non nobis solum, not for ourselves alone, there is a special appreciation of the personal sacrifice paid by many in the line of duty. It was an honour to participate in our rituals of respect and remembrance with our girls and to consider the cost of conflict.

We have another opportunity to live out the school motto tomorrow, as the girls come in casual attire for the cost of $4. The money raised contributes to the running of the Lowther Hall Mainuddin School in Bangladesh. This primary school of approximately 500 students (boys and girls) was established by Lowther Hall in 1995 and is fully funded by money raised through our casual clothes days each term. Our social justice committees and student councils assist in keeping the student body connected with the school through activities, promotion and the sharing of photos when they are available. Tomorrow the Junior School Student Council are raising the profile of the Bangladesh school by encouraging girls in Kindergarten to Year 6 to come dressed in the colours of the Bangladesh flag: red and green.