In a complex community such as ours, there are always many challenges to be managed – whether it is making sure that every girl is learning, replacing staff who encounter illness or other difficulties, navigating building projects or keeping the books balanced! Please be assured that our priorities remain firmly fixed on providing the very best possible experience for each girl and our decisions are always driven with this goal in mind. 

Whilst we may all understand this goal, we each experience Lowther Hall from our own perspective, looking mostly at things through our own lens and thinking about how circumstances affect us. Sometimes things don’t make sense because we don’t have the whole picture. If you find yourself in these circumstances I encourage you to come and have a conversation with me, or another member of the Senior Management Team such as the relevant Head of School or the Business Manager. We can answer your questions or help to put a situation in perspective.   

So whether it be questions about changes to staffing, questions about master planning and traffic, or questions about our school programs, please come in for a chat. Turning to other parents who may not have the full picture either, be it in the playground at pick up or drop off, or on social media platforms, whilst comforting, may not help you to gain an accurate understanding of the reasons behind a decision or assist you to know the best way forward in managing it for your family or your daughter. I thank the many parents who already take this path when questions arise.