This week we have celebrated Book Week across the School, with this morning’s dress up parade in Early Years and Junior School being a particular highlight. Parents often lament to me that their daughters don’t read as much as they would like them to, particularly as they get older. This has prompted me to reflect on the way in which we, as the adults and the role models for the girls, set the example by reading or talking about what we read. These days, I tend to do most of my recreational reading via audio book – so it is not always visible – but I chew through a novel or two every few weeks, and I try to share reflections about my reading when I can. Our girls are keen observers and look to us to set the example – whether it be in the respect we show in our relationships, in our obedience (or not) of traffic signals and road rules, in our own management of screen time, and in our reading habits. So this week, I encourage you to share your reading with your girls, or, if it has been a while since you escaped into a book, consider picking one up again when your daughter is watching! And remember that Lowther Hall has a parent Book Club to which all are welcome! Happy Book Week!