The temporary wall in Raymond House was removed today revealing the building works that have been happening over the last few weeks. Soon the girls will have a new space to enjoy for their Music classes and our specialist services of Speech Pathology, Psychology and Learning Support will be moving into their new offices. The “reveal” of this work today reminded me how much happens at Lowther Hall every week that we don’t necessarily see – Year 1 girls investigating the properties of wire and fabric, Year 7 girls discovering how to be organised and effective in their homework and study, Years 11 and 12 students completing practice and scored assessment tasks, Years 4 – 6 girls achieving personal bests in the pool and many girls being supported and encouraged by their teachers. Congratulations to all girls for the progress they have already made this term. Now that students have settled in and routines are established, I encourage parents to let us know if something is not working well for a particular girl. It is important that we sort out any “bumps” straight away and that we don’t “wait to see if it gets better” if something isn’t feeling right. Please also remember that I am also happy to meet with parents or girls if there is something that needs to be raised.

Thanks to all families who have supported the girls to have such a positive and productive start to the year so far!