Today in Senior School the Prefect Body launched their “theme” for the year: Confidence. They spoke about the way in which they want to explore this theme with the student body over the next 3 terms, with Term 1 seeing a focus on Having confidence in our community, Term 2 looking at Confidence in yourself and Term 3 moving to Having confidence to take action. The girls shared their thoughts about what it meant to be a community that people can have confidence in and gave examples of how to be supportive and non-judgemental. Our Year 7 girls will have an opportunity to live out some of these ideas tomorrow as they support and encourage one another in rock climbing and beach activities on their Tangara Day. 

I commend our Senior leaders for their excellent choice of theme and I look forward to working with all of the girls over the coming weeks to explore how we can foster an environment in which each girl feels confident to express her ideas, be herself, take a considered risk and give things a go without worrying about what others might think.